Broadband Internet plans for your home and your business.

Choose from the full range of Broadband Everywhere plans—there’s surely one that will fit your budget. Want to save more on your plan? Check out our available promos.


Featured Promo

Premium Plans Price Cut

Want to try out the Premium Plans in your area, but are currently limited by your budget? Then you're in luck! For the month of February 2019, you can get Broadband Everywhere's Premium Plans at the same price as our Standard Plans.


Starter Kit

Start Your Broadband Everywhere Experience with the Starter Kit!

The Broadband Everywhere Starter Kit contains all the hardware you need to be able to connect to the internet. It includes the following:

  1. Broadband Everywhere WiFi Router and Adapter
  2. Outdoor Antenna
  3. User Guide
  4. Free Installation and Configuration
  5. Free 20GB Data for Plan 499, Plan 1299, and Plan 1599

Buy Load

Need extra GB of data to finish streaming your favorite series? Or need additional data for your video call with your relatives overseas? Then buy one of our Broadband Everywhere load packs. Whether you get 1 GB or 10 GB, you'll get to enjoy all of them, as our load doesn't expire!

Broadband Everywhere - Load - 1GB Data

1 GB

Add 1 GB of data to your monthly subcription for ₱49.

Broadband Everywhere - Load - 3GB Data

3 GB

Add 3 GB of data to your monthly subcription for ₱119.

Broadband Everywhere - Load - 5GB Data

5 GB

Add 5 GB of data to your monthly subcription for ₱199.

Broadband Everywhere - Load - 10GB Data

10 GB

Add 10 GB of data to your monthly subcription for ₱349.

Standard Plans on a Budget

Stay connected at home with the broadband internet that always works.
Choose from these plans offered by Broadband Everywhere below.

PLAN 499

Broadband Everywhere Plan 499 - 20GB per month

10 GB /mo

Suitable for chat, email, and general browsing.

PLAN 799

Broadband Everywhere Plan 799

20 GB /mo

Still on a tight budget but need more data? Go for the cost-efficient Broadband Everywhere Plan 799.

PLAN 999


30 GB /mo

Great for chatting, emailing, and browsing on social media (Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram)

More Data, More Standard Plans

Need a bigger and better data allowance?
Go for these Broadband Everywhere Plans!

PLAN 1499


50 GB /mo

Ideal for moderate daily internet use, for multiple devices

PLAN 1999

Broadband Everywhere - Premium Plan 1699

100 GB /mo

More data, better value for money. That's the Broadband Everywhere Plan 1999.


Broadband Everywhere Plan 1999 - Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

No data cap. Perfect for video and music streaming (Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify) all day

Premium Plans—ON PROMO

Enjoy fiber-level speeds in the comforts of your own home.
Select one of the Premium Plans of Broadband Everywhere, now available in selected areas.


Broadband Everywhere - Premium Promo 799 - 20GB

20 GB /mo

Fiber-like speed on a budget? Get the Premium Promo Plan 799! Limited time offer only.


Broadband Everywhere - Premium Plan 999

30 GB /mo

Our Premium Plans, available only in selected areas, are sure to match your need for speed.


Broadband Everywhere - Premium Promo 1499 - 50GB

50 GB /mo

Need better speeds but only have the budget for standard service? Grab this Broadband Everywhere Premium Promo now!


Broadband Everywhere - Premium Promo 1999 - 100GB

100 GB /mo

Get top-notch speeds without breaking the bank. Subscribe to a Broadband Everywhere Premium Plan and get our top-value promo rates!

Business Plans

Make sure that your business is always online. Subscribe to a Broadband Everywhere business plan today!

B2B PLAN 299

Broadband Everywhere B2B Plan 299

2 GB

Designed for ATM machines, point-of-sale terminals (cashiers) for retail outlets, payment kiosks, etc.



0917 891 6083 (GLOBE/TM)
0939 917 5787 (SMART/TNT)

(Hotlines open everyday, from 7 AM to 10 PM)

Broadband Everywhere Corporation
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