Broadband Everywhere Router Status Guide

If you want to make sure that your Broadband Everywhere router is working properly, one of the things that you should check are the different status lights on it. The color of these lights indicate the status of your router and can help you find a solution if the router is broken.


Hence, here’s a quick overview of what those lights mean and what you should do:


Power Light

  • No light – No power, router may not be plugged in
  • Red light – Low power
  • Blinking orange light – Device is charging
  • Yellow/orange light – Charger connected, fully charged or router plugged in



  • Yellow light – Wifi is on
  • Blinking yellow light – Wifi is on and data is being used
  • No light – Wifi is unavailable



  • Blinking yellow light – WPS is on and activated. Turns off automatically after two (2) minutes
  • No light – WPS is off


Connect Light

  • Yellow light – Internet connection is available
  • Blinking yellow light – Router is trying to connect to the internet
  • No light – No internet connection, router unable to connect to the internet


Signal Light

  • Yellow light – Good signal
  • More bars on, the signal is stronger\
  • Red light – Signal available, but there may be an issue with the connection. See “Please Insert SIM” error troubleshooting guide for more details.