Installation and Troubleshooting

Just got your Broadband Everywhere router and antenna installed? Or having issues with connectiong to the internet? Before you call customer service, make sure you've checked the guides here in the Installation and Troubleshooting section.

Where's My Broadband Everywhere Account Info?

Where's My Account Info?

Are you a new Broadband Everywhere subscriber? If you can’t find your Account ID (Service ID), here’s how you can find out.

Broadband Everywhere SIM card - Please Insert SIM Card Error

How to Fix "Please Insert SIM" Error

Are you getting this error on your Broadband Everywhere router? Here’s how to fix it.

Broadband Everywhere Router Status Guide

Router Status Guide

What do the lights on your Broadband Everywhere router mean? Here’s a quick guide.


Router Has No Power

Is your Broadband Everywhere router not turning on? Here’s how you can troubleshoot it.

Data Allocation and Load

Want to see how much data do you have left for the month? How do you buy load or top-up for your Broadband Everywhere account? All these and more questions are answered here in the Data Allocation and Load section.


How to Check Your Remaining Data

See how much data you have left for the month on the Broadband Everywhere self-service site! Here's how.


What If I Ran Out of Data?

There are several ways to get additional data, from buying load to referring more users. Learn more in this guide.


How to Buy Load

Learn how to buy Broadband Everywhere load via our self-service website or other channels.


When Will My BE Load Expire?

The short answer: NO, it won't expire. But here's some other things you should know when purchasing load.


Need help with updating the billing information for your Broadband Everywhere account? Or wondering where to pay your Broadband Everywhere bill?? Check out these guides under the Billing category.


BE Bill Payment - 7-11

Pay your Broadband Everywhere bill at any 7-11 branch nationwide or on your phone, via the CLiQQ App.


BE Bill Payment - BPI

You can pay your Broadband Everywhere bill at BPI branches or even online! Check the step-by-step guide here.


BE Bill Payment - BDO

Pay your Broadband Everywhere bill at BDO branches nationwide or through the BDO website. Read this guide for more information.


BE Bill Payment - MLhuillier

You can also pay your Broadband Everywhere bill at any MLhullier branch nationwide.



0917 891 6083 (GLOBE/TM)
0939 917 5787 (SMART/TNT)

(Hotlines open everyday, from 7 AM to 10 PM)

Broadband Everywhere Corporation
4F Textron Building, 168 Luna Mencias St., San Juan City, Metro Manila 1500