Broadband Everywhere’s (BE) mission is to provide every customer with a fast and reliable Internet connection. BE created a Fair Usage Policy to ensure that the network is managed properly so all customers equitably enjoy a high quality of service.

Some activities, such as using peer-to-peer software and file sharing applications to send and receive huge amounts of data, may congest the network and affect the quality of service. To maintain a high quality of service and equitable use of network resources, these applications’ connections will be regulated to ensure fair service for all customers.

For customers on data capped plans, once they exceed their monthly volume allocation, their connection will be fully throttled but they have an option to purchase additional data or top up. Their regular data allocation will refresh on the first day of the month, provided they have no past due/overdue balance.

Customers on unlimited plans will only experience hard throttling if they have any past due/overdue balance on the 17th of the month.

Meanwhile, for customers on unlimited premium plans, accounts who exceed the allowed 3GB/day daily cap will be soft throttled. Customers will still be able to enjoy internet access, but only at a modulated speed. The normal speed will return at 12 midnight of the following day.

BE has the right to suspend or terminate service for abusive Internet consumption. BE also reserves the right to change its Fair Usage Policy as it may deem necessary.